Dazzling Cape Town Coastal Region: V&A Waterfront to Hout Bay

CH Travel - Cape Town Coastal Region


Of Our South Africa Travel Adventure

After our crazy 4-months trip from the South Pacific to and through Europe, we finally ended up in the fantastic Cape Town coastal region.

We have chosen this place for many reasons. Firstly, to catch up with work after the hectic traveling months, but at the same time to be in a warm and sunny environment. Secondly, to calm down, consolidate and get our head straight to plan our next steps. And last but not least, for Pietro to see his South African part of the family he hasn’t met in years.

So, here we are, first stop Camps Bay, where we rented an apartment for half a year.

Camps Bay ticks all the boxes as part of the Cape Town coastal region: it’s close to the city but still in great nature between the Atlantic Ocean and the Table Mountain area. Living here for a few months, we got to know the entire area in detail: V&A Waterfront, Seapoint, Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno, and Hout Bay.

So, let us take you around!

At the same time, our months around Cape Town made us curious to experience more of this beautiful country. So we decided to follow our passion for traveling and go on big South(ern) Africa drive adventure – and do nothing less than starting a new chapter in life. And who knows, maybe this will make us finally happy 🙂

For all details of what we are going to do in 2021/2022, look at Our Current & Planned Drive Adventures on our Home Page.

Wowed by so many completely cloudless days – never experienced this anywhere else!

Not surprised about all the sunny and cloudless days. Just happy to experience this again 🙂

1 Cape Town Coastal Region: @Home in Camps Bay

CH Travel - Camps Bay Apartment

We found a fantastic apartment on a hill between Clifton and Camps Bay, overlooking Clifton Beach, Glen Beach & Country Club, and Camps Bay Beach. And if this is not enough, the majestic lion’s head and Table Mountain are right behind our house.

Camps Bay Beach is fabulous any time of the year. Great for a game of frisbee or just hanging out in the sand and watching the surfers, paddlers, and paragliders arriving from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. And if you’d like to grab a drink or yummy food, several restaurants lining up directly on Victoria Road next to the sand strip. All with an ocean view and a relaxed lounge-bar atmosphere.

You’ll also have some entertainment as the Capetonians chug past in fancy vehicles and the locals perform on the streets. There are also a few shops in the area for groceries and clothing.

CH Travel - Hout Bay Mariners Warf

Lekker Eating & Drinking Plek (Spots)

@Camps Bay
Paranga, Bilboa, Zenzero, and Surf Shack on Victoria Road, The Bungalow at the Glen Country Club, and The Lawn in the green hills below Kloofnek

@Bantry Bay
Stepbrothers on the main road, an Italian deli & bar

The Grand Pavilion, on the Beach Road, Three Wise Monkeys (Asian), Posticino (Italian), Mykonos (Greek), and famous Nando's chicken take away, on main (Victoria) Road

@V&A Waterfront
Vovo Telo Diner in the outside area

@Hout Bay
Mariner’s Warf for Fish & Chips

CH Travel - Camps Bay Restaurants
CH Travel - Camps Bay Beach with Table Mountain

Water contact is for the brave ones, though, because with an average of only 14-16 °C, the Atlantic is bearable for a short dip only, unless you wear a wetsuit. While dolphins and whales and some crazy Capetonians enjoy it just like that, you can see them in the water almost every day 🙂

So overall, Camps Bay is an awesome area with a great atmosphere. However, sometimes it’s a bit too “in” for us – a bit too noisy and crowded.

PS: If you ask how it went with our work, the reason we came here in the first place? As you can imagine, it took some time and persistence to organize our new living and working environment. But, yes, we did it – and finally published our Cook Islands travel guide!

2 Cape Town Coastal Region: Clifton and Bantry Bay

CH Travel - Clifton Beach

From Camps Bay you can head towards Cape Town on two parallel coastal roads (Kloof and Victoria Rd), along Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. We take that route several times a week, to the gym in Greenpoint and our favorite shops around V&A Waterfront.

First up on the way are Clifton and Bantry Bay. Upmarket apartments are lining up above the superb Clifton 1-4 beaches, which are a popular hang-out spot for the Capetonians.

Both roads meander through the villages and are quite populated with cars, bicycles, joggers, and cyclists, making it a bit of a challenge to drive along. However, we recommend taking a walk through Clifton & Bantry Bay to enjoy the stunning views towards the south. You overlook beaches and bays and the famous 12 Apostles. Gorgeous!

What we noticed 

Sports Crazy

We have never seen such a sporty population in the Cape Town region. Joggers and cyclists are everywhere – good for them!

Free Parking

In the Cape Town coastal region and city center, you can park for free on the streets. But car guards are keeping an eye on your parked vehicle, whom you should tip since it is the only way for them to earn some money.


Everywhere in and around Cape Town, blacks and whites are begging for food on the streets. We really struggle with this fact and donate regularly small amounts of money and food.

Did you know...? The official unemployment rate in South Africa is 32,6%. The lack of income leads to a lack of shelter and food. An estimated 2.5 million adults and 0.6 million children suffer from perpetual hunger.

3 Cape Town Coastal Region: Seapoint and Greenpoint

CH Travel - Sea Point Promenade

Further down the road, Bantry Bay merges into Seapoint, which has a fantastic seaside promenade, with – guess what – lots of joggers and pedestrians, dogs, and cyclists :-). It’s quite inviting, with the ocean view, access to tiny beach areas, playgrounds, and a fitness trail.

Just one road up, you’ll find Seapoint Center, a visitor’s hotspot with many apartment buildings and heaps of restaurants, cafes, and takeaways along the main street (Victoria Road).

A vibrant area where you get an excellent impression of the rainbow nation. The street scene consists of all kinds of skin colors, noises, aromas, shops, eateries – and vehicles. 

Almost unnoticed, Seapoint then turns into Greenpoint, with its large sports area, including the Cape Town sports stadium, sports courts, and the (Virgin Active) gym.

4 Cape Town Coastal Region: V&A Waterfront and Oranjezicht Market

CH Travel - Oranjezicht Market
After Greenpoint, you reach the famous V&A Waterfront Mallthe best place to shop as there are tons of stores and stunning views of the harbor and Table Mountain in the background. We also jump in here to get our weekly food supplies at the large Woolworth store and Pick’n Pay next to it.

Also, several excursion boats and helicopter flights start in front of V&A. If you get hungry while shopping, many eating options are around.

But, our favorite on weekends and tip for you is the Oranjezicht market next to V&A, which is open only on Saturday and Sunday (8:15/9:00 am -2 pm). It’s packed with local fresh and yummy food, plants, and local art. And you can spend hours people-watching while enjoying excellent street food in the eatery area with a glass of wine. We love the great bread, Italian, and South African specialties (salami, cheese & rusks).

5 Cape Town Coastal Region: Llandudno

CH Travel - Llandudno

Going south from Camps Bay, you dive more and more into nature along the picturesque coastal road with the 12 Apostles. It’s ideal for clearing one’s head and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby city and work because it brings you to peaceful places like Llandudno.

The idyllic Llandudno is located in a bay before you cross over Mount Rhodes to Hout Bay. It is built down the bay slope from the coastal road. One part of the village has ocean access via wild boulders with lots of cute little dassies around, while another part ends on a wonderful white sand beach.

It’s so calm and peaceful, and yet only around the corner from Cape Town. Actually, an ideal place to live, we thought the other day. But – we have travel plans now 🙂

6 Cape Town Coastal Region: Hout Bay

CH Travel - Hout Bay from Chapmans Peak

While Hout Bay is primarily our goal to enjoy the best fish & chips in greater Cape Town, in the iconic Marine’s Warf restaurant in the harbor.

Try the daily fresh fish (or lobster!) & Chips, and eat it with a stunning view towards Hout Bay beach and Chapman’s Peak.

From Hout Bay, you can take a road towards the Constantia wineries or Cape Point, two beautiful areas we’ll show you in our following episodes.  

In addition, from the Chapmans Peak Plateau, you have a great view of the entire Hout Bay and the coastline to the south.

Interestingly, Hout Bay also has a growing township that winds its way into the city center and does not fit into the picture.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and want to come with us for more.

Next up: Episode 2 – Iconic Cape Point via Scenic Chapman’s Peak

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