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Cape Point


Of Our South Africa Travel Adventure

As we continued our journey around our home in Camps Bay, we were also drawn to a few well-known locations. So, at some point, we made our way to the famous Cape Point. To get there, we chose the scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive, which we always looked at from Mariner’s Wharf in Hout Bay – our favorite Fish & Chips eatery. 

How do you get to Cape Point? The most idyllic route – coming from Cape Town – is via the coastal road M6. You will experience the great Chapman’s Peak Drive, followed by Noordhoek with its Long Beach, Kommetjie, and the Mystic Cliffs settlement, before finally reaching Cape Point National Park.

Here we share all information about this route, which leads through beautiful, little-known places to Cape Point, one of the most famous places in South Africa.

CH Travel - Cape Point Map

One of those moments where I stopped talking and just watched the scenery. This route to Cape Point is calming and makes one happy at the same time.

Magnificient landscape!!! Due to Covid and few visitors, the cable car in Cape Point was not in operation. Wow, what an effort to carry our photo gear uphill to the lighthouse. But so worthwhile with the view there!

Scenic Chapman’s Peak Drive

CH Travel - Chapmans Peak with Hout Bay

If you come from the Cape Town area take the coastal road (M6) to the cape peninsula via Chapman’s Peak. It calls itself “One of the most scenic drives in the world”, and the approximately 5 km long route is nothing but stunning.

First, it winds up from Hout Bay to this coastal peak with its large platform. Enjoy the great view over the entire area of Hout Bay and along the rugged cliffs towards the south.

However, be prepared for strong and cold winds and take a sweater with you!

Be aware that the Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road – here are the fees:

ZAR 35 for Motorcycles

ZAR 54 for Light vehicles

No fees for cyclists and pedestrians!

For all details see the Chapman’s Peak tariff table.

Noordhoek and Kommetjie

CH Travel Noordhoek Long Beach and Kommetjie
Noordhooek - Long Beach
CH Travel - Cape Point past Misty Cliffs
Misty Cliffs Coastal Road

The moment the road leads away from the coast and inland, the view towards Noordhoek opens up and one of the largest and untouched beaches of the region, Long Beach. Most of the time, you just come across a couple of surfers and horseback riders from the many staples nearby. If you are looking for a spot to unwind, this is a place to go!

PS: To take a break, stop by the Noordhoek Farm Village next to the main road, with its small shops and cafes offering lots of local goodies.

Just around the corner, leaving Noordhoek and neighboring Kommetjie behind, another gorgeous landscape awaits you: a stretch past rugged mountains and the small village of Misty Cliffs. Countless bays line up, populated by sea birds and seals, and the place where Pietro got lost while taking photos … 🙂

Iconic Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope

To finally get to the Cape Point National Park, you cross over to the western side of the Cape Peninsula and reach the entrance just behind its large Ostrich farm. It is impressive to see so many of these large birds in one place – as well as some free-roaming ones on the peninsula’s beaches.

CH Travel - Ostriches at Cape Point
   What we noticed 

     At sights, you’ll often find two entrance fees: 

  1. For visitors/tourists (for Cape Point NP: ZAR 340) and
  2. Reduced prices for residents of South Africa (for Cape Point NP: ZAR 85).
Afrikaans words you find on the road signs:
Bobbejaan - which means Baboon
Volstruis - which means Ostrich
CH Travel - Translator select language
Local Vocal

We loved the drive through the Cape Point National Park, which resembles a rough, rocky highland. It’s more lonely than expected with just a few hiking trails (and huts to stay overnight), some bays, and hardly recognizable people.

Not surprisingly, South Africa is still very tourist-free, with also nearly no visitors to the iconic Cape Point. The parking lots are empty, shops and cafes are often closed, and you have awesome nature to yourself. But as much as we love and enjoy quiet places, this situation is hurting the country’s economy noticeably by now.

CH Travel - Cape Point

However, Cape Point is stunning, with its rugged landscape and views of the ocean and all of False Bay. Make sure to take a walk over the narrow ridge to the outer (new) lighthouse. A little challenge for people with a fear of heights like me, but super rewarding.

CH Travel - Cape of Good Hope Pietro and Eltje

On the road just before Cape Point, you have the choice to turn west to the Cape of Good Hope. Do so!

Climb up to the lookout point on the cliffs – besides taking the obligatory photo of the most south-western point of the African continent 🙂

Although this was just a little journey, we hope you enjoyed it. And as you can see, there are little hidden gems along the way to well-known destinations too. This is what we are searching for. So follow us for more.

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