Namibia Road Trip Diary

18 Days Around Southern Namibia

Watch and experience our South Africa Road Trip. We traveled around discovering and rediscovering the amazing places, known and less known, around South Africa.

Why South Africa?

Quiet simply because it is a beautiful country with a wide diversity landscape, wildlife, flora and cultures. It’s Eltje’s first time in Southern Africa, so we going to make the most of it.

Secondly, we are travelers and explorers after all. It’s what we do.

Also, as you have gathered from our previous posts and videos, COVID created a path that lead us to SA. So now here, we decided it would be a good idea to get Eltje to apply for residence. The thinking is that we could make SA, our base for a while, as we explore Southern Africa. This saw us enter the world of SA Home Affairs which clearly has a long backlog of applications.

Interesting thing is that while the application is being processed, she must remain within the SA borders. This is the third reason for exploring SA first, before we go deeper into Southern Africa, and Madagascar and the African Islands.

Namibia road trip

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